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Photo Editing For Individuals

Whether you are a budding photographer or someone who just enjoys capturing life's moments, our photographs do not always turn out how we envision. There are a lot of online companies providing photo retouching services; however they can be limited in the services they provide and provide varying rates depending on what you are looking for. Some go a little too far in their retouching leaving you wondering just who you took a photo of.


I provide client focused editing keeping yours and your subject's best interest as priority. I do not provide "magazine" alterations unless specifically requested. I believe in total body positivity, in that everyone is beautiful in their own skin. I provide editing that keeps your friends and loved ones as they are, just more polished. We will work with you to ensure you and those in your photos look the best they can while maintaining who they are.

  • Object Removal

  • Background Clean-up

  • Foreground Clean-up

  • Light/Contrast Adjustment

  • Focus/Blur Adjustment

  • Clothing/Jewelry Adjustment

  • Eye Glass Removal w/ Eye Rebuild

  • Cut/Paste for Heads, Bodies, Etc.

  • Photo Restoration


  • Skin Smoothing*

  • Blemish Removal*

  • Eye Bag/Wrinkle Reduction*

  • Teeth Whitening*

  • Face/Body Contouring*

  • Braces Removal*

  • Stray Hair Removal

All Portrait Editing is charged at $35 per hour with a 1 our minimum.

*North Carolina Sales & Use Tax is applied for all services provided to NC customers.

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