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Photo Restoration

Whether it is a family heirloom or a recently taken photograph, we want to treasure our memories for years to come. I offer full service digital restoration of your old or damaged photos. 


Repairs Include:

  • Faded

  • Discolored

  • Stained

  • Torn

  • Missing pieces

  • Water, Fire, Sun or Mold

  • Too dark or too light, far away, grainy or a little out of focus. Though I cannot make them perfect, I can make them look better.


The new photos I print for you will be on archival quality papers guaranteed not to fade, discolor, or mold for 100 years. I offer reasonable prices and quick turnarounds. I can also just copy photographs that don’t need restoration.

All photo restoration projects receive a free quote and 1 hour consultation. Consultations may be scheduled in person, or a scan or picture of the image to be restored can be uploaded and the consultation completed via phone.


Once the quote is accepted your original photograph will be sent to Miller's Professional Imaging to be digitally scanned at the highest resolution. We can arrange a time for me to pick up your photo or you may mail it to me. Your original photo will be returned once the restoration has been completed. 


I will provide you with a proof (after a 50% deposit) of your photo once the restoration is complete. This will allow you to see if you want to make any additional changes to your restoration before your final photo is printed. The balance for the restoration will be due prior to the photo going to production.


I will personally inspect the final print and will arrange a time to hand deliver your original photo and new print, or mail both to your home or business.

All Photo Restoration is charged at $35 per hour with a 1 our minimum.

*North Carolina Sales & Use Tax is applied for all services provided to NC customers.

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