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General FAQ

These are my most frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, please

Does Susan offer consultations?

Yes. Each potential client receives a Free consultation (up to 60 minutes) which be conducted over-the-phone, via email, or in-person.

Can I meet with Susan or will everything be done via phone or email?

Yes! Susan is happy to meet clients in Raleigh, Durham, Cary and surrounding areas. Since she works out of her home, she typically suggests a coffee shop or a similar type of location. If your business has a commercial location, Susan is also happy to meet you there. For safety reasons, Susan does not meet clients in their homes (including home offices).

What should I prepare for my consultation?

Whether meeting in-person, via email, or over-the-phone, Susan requests you have the following prepared:

  • List of your project goals and needs

  • All deadlines

  • Budget details

  • Any design samples and ideas you have collected


Please feel free to use the Design Client Checklist found on the Client Resources page.

Do we have to schedule a consultation?

No. If you already know what you want produced and have all the necessary files (images and copy print ready in their final draft form) to complete your project, then a quick phone call or email correspondence should suffice.

Are all design quotes custom or does Susan offer standard design rates?

Susan offers a Standard Design Rate menu perfect for small projects. For larger or more in-depth projects, a consultation is preferred to provide an accurate estimate.

Does Susan offer print production only if I have my own files?

Yes! Susan offers a wide range of print production, from business cards to grand format to promotional products. If you already have the complete print ready files you need only to upload the files and provide your project specifications to receive an estimate. Once the estimate is signed, and the project paid in full, your files will go into production.


Please feel free to read the Print Production FAQs for general information on making sure your files are print ready.

Will Susan proof read my print file before sending it to production?

No. Susan does not provide proof reading or spell check on your provided print ready files. You are responsible for proofing for grammar and spelling mistakes. Susan does not offer refunds or credits for mistakes found after the job has gone to production.


Susan will scan the file to make sure the project will print correctly (i.e. checking bleeds, cut and safety areas, color mode, font outlines, etc.). If any issues are found, Susan will provide a detail of the issues found and request a new file be sent once the corrections are made.


For a separate fee, Susan can fix the issues found. This fee will be included on the detail provided and a signed acceptance will be required. The fee is due prior to the project going to production.


Templates are available upone request, Free of Charge.

Do you require a deposit and why?

Yes. By the time a deposit is requested, the client has already been provided with a consultation and/or estimate at no charge. Receiving a deposit indicates the client's seriousness in proceeding with the project.


For all print production orders, payment must be received in full prior to the project going to production. 

Will Susan except authorization to proceed via email or phone?

No. In order to proceed with the project Susan must receive the estimate and terms of service signed, along with the requested deposit. 



For print production projects, a signed etsimate and payment in full is required to proceed.

Why aren't there standard prices for printing?

Since they are several variables that go into each print production project, there is no way to have standard pricing. All print production projects are estimated based on the project's specifications to ensure accurate pricing.

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